Canadians Owootoah, King Victims of Racism in Kentucky

I’m not sure why this TV station didn’t interview either Emmanuel Owootoah or Marlon King, or Cordia (Ky.) coach Rodrick Rhodes, but this is a sad commentary on the state of America in 2013.

For those who missed it, the Canadian players of Caribbean descent were reportedly tagged in Twitter and Facebook photos depicting a noose and a flag burning. The boys’ guardians, Eduardo and Jessica Flores, also said the back door of their home was shot at and that he kids have been attacked “repeatedly.”

Of the “USA” chants directed at the Canadians last Friday, Owootoah told Ben Roberts of “They should have better class than that, man. But at the same time, I thought it was funny. I don’t let stuff like that get to my head.”

Numerous people have chimed in on Twitter in response, with @btcoop71 saying, “That is an absolute embarrassment. Those idiots do not represent the state of Kentucky.”

Tweeted @StevieFro1216: “As a proud KY-ian, I’m embarrassed by these kids, but most of all angered by the KCC Principal’s downplaying of the incident.”

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