Devon McMillan to Transfer from Fordham

Devon “Fatty” McMillan has obtained his release from Fordham and will be at another school next semester, his brother, Dwan, told Tuesday.

“He’s leaving because he feels like he needs a new setting,” Dwan said. “He’s just coming off surgery and missing the first six games. He felt it was best to move on. He thanks the coaching staff for giving him the opportunity to flourish as a freshman. But it was time move on.”

Fordham coach Tom Pecora was not immediately available for comment. McMillan had initially pledged to Hofstra, but then followed Pecora to Fordham.

The 5-foot-10 McMillan was averaging 2.7 points in three games.

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@Hanknaples  Oh good, does this mean we get to hear you re-hash this quote every single time Pryor doesn't give a hall of fame level performance?