Lewis, Greene Talking Combo Package in College

Isaiah Lewis is the Rivals No. 6 point guard in the Class of 2013, and his good friend Brannen Greene is the No. 11 small forward.

The two talented prospects are so tight, they are talking about potentially teaming up in college.

“All the coaches that’s really recruiting me know I’m best friends with Brannen Greene from Georgia, so I think me and Brannen may end up at the same school,” the 6-foot-3, 155-pound Lewis told SNY.tv. “He really likes Kansas as well as I do. Me and him could end up at Kansas if that’s possible.”

Lewis said Louisville, Memphis, Florida State, Florida and St. John’s were also possible destinations for both players, but said Memphis, Louisville and Kansas “are recruiting me the hardest right now.”

Lewis said he hopes to visit Kansas unofficially during the Bass Pro Tournament of Champions in Springfield, Miss., over MLK weekend.

“If everything goes accordingly, I will probably visit Kansas while my high school team is down there,” he said.

He’s also “trying to figure out a date to get out to Louisville and also Memphis.”

Lewis plays alongside UConn signee Omar Calhoun on a stacked Christ the King team that is coached by Joe Arbitello. This year, former Christ the King stars Erick Barkley (St. John’s) and Khalid Rheeves (Arizona) are helping Arbitello out, according to the New York Post.

“With them being McDonald’s All-Americans and being in the NBA, things they say we’re gonna listen — point blank, period,” Lewis told the Post.

While Calhoun is a pure scorer, Lewis is scoring point who can create for others and get his own shot.

“He’s one of these guys that can score and be a point guard,” Arbitello told SNY.tv.

Lewis said he and Greene became friendly over the summer and began talking about playing together in college.

“He’s more of a two/three,” Lewis said. “He’s 6-5, 6-6, a really good shooter. I got a chance to kick it with him at the Super Showcase in Orlando. We really like each other’s game. He came to some of our games, I watched him play. We think we can do well in the backcourt together.”

Kansas is one school that’s interested in both guys and will have need for both come 2013.

“Coach [Bill] Self and Coach [Joe] Dooley, I spoke to them right before they played Duke last week at the Maui Invitational,” Lewis said.

“They’re looking for me to come in and make the big plays right away. Coach Self saw me a play a couple times this summer. Coach Dooley came [to] see me at my school work out. I think I can come in and play right away at the point guard spot.”

Kansas is also involved with several other elite 2013 lead guards, including Tyler Ennis of St. Benedict’s Prep.

“He’s more of point guard so I’m more like a point guard so I really think I don’t want to go to the same school as him, though,” Lewis said. “But if a school can make it work starting two guards, maybe something like that could work out but I don’t see me and him going in the same direction as me and Brannen Greene.”

Lewis plans to take some visits and go through the process with his family, but said he could pull the trigger when a decision feels right.

“If it’s a good fit for me I could commit as earry as next week,” he said. “But I’m not going to rush. I’m going to make sure I’m wanted. Me and my dad have to talk with the coaching staff and go visit.

“The timetable is really whenever the fit is right for me.”

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Jaime Rios
Jaime Rios

Big time sleeper NC, ECSU NIGEL RIOS CB/S , ALL - AMERICAN , ALL -CIAA FIRST DEFENSIVE TEAM 3 years straight, ALL ROOKIE performer 2010. The HONEYBADGER /JVERRETTE of CIAA ,84/TKL 64/ SOLO  6/BLK kicks .A D1 bound recruited ,WV / VA /MD /VT /ILLI/ RUTG /. Had he go to any D1 , He be a lock 3/4 round . Every body sleeping on the DC STUD ,Best fit as a hybrid defender/ slot /safety. FILM don't lie , The man is a play maker T/O machine a BEAST , DIAMOND in the ROUGH LATE ROUND STEAL , A hot UDFA if nobody steals him , He's better than LAMARCUS JOYNER FLST' , that's what goes on for going to small school . REESE a STEAL ,   http;//www.hudl.com/athlete/o/44750/highlights/103373377   FILM TELLS what you are ,ball hawk , play maker,    GOD BLEES GOOD LUCK GIANTS FANS


There are some important things I hope the Giants can address or be mindful of in this draft:

1. Dont over-think it. Just take the best player that falls in round 1.

2. Its the deepest WR draft in history. Don't walk away without getting a few WRS. Take some UDFAs to camp if nothing else.

3. Get some speed in coverage ability at LB. Your division (Romo, RGIII, WC Off, in Wash.) warrants it and so does your league. Your base defense should not be a sub package. -_-

4. Please dont overdraft project players. Players like Adrien Robinson go undrafted for a reason.

5. Brandon Coleman is Ramses Barden.

6. Let's not pass on any Xavier Rhodes-type players if they're there.

7. Don't draft any small receivers. Jernigan's stepping up. Cruz is there. You've already got that flavor. The Giants should draft another receiver with a big radius and some deep speed - the prototype. Randle can replace Nicks, but you need more downfield guys for this new offense and you need a contingency.

8. Draft Troy Nikklas. He can block. Thats what TEs are supposed to do.

9. NY is good place to stash Michael Sam. We're a progressive town. And I think Sam will have a better career than his combine numbers show, especially as his body develops in an NFL training room. He overachieved in college, he's smart, and he's a motor guy.

10. Precedent. Precedent. Precedent.

Michael Frias
Michael Frias

@jwill I like a lot of what you're saying.  I don't watch any College FB, so I don't even pretend to know who the Giants should and shouldn't take, at least not by name.

All I know is, they need to improve big time on the OL and DL, need an "All Around" TE, and could really use a tall, Plaxico-type WR.

As far as #9, I read he's projected to be a late-round 4 to mid-round 6 guy.  I just hope that as we approach those rounds, there isn't a big "conspiracy" firestorm as each pick goes by and he goes undrafted.

I also hope we're not too far away from the day when it isn't news when and athlete "come out" or even the day when people don't have to "come out" at all.  Just be who you are.

Michael Bedrin
Michael Bedrin

@jwill  Very rare that I find a post that I near 100% agree with. To add to what you've said:

1. I feel that the top 15 players in this draft are all top 10 talents. Getting ANY of them would be great. Over-thinking it could find them reaching.

2. Lots of WR talent to be had here. Especially in the later rounds and as UDFAs. No need to burn one of the first 3 picks unless they can land Evans (1st rd) or Benjamin (2nd rd).

3. I absolutely agree here, too. I'd like to see a guy like Tyler Starr.

4. The only project I can think of that I wouldn't mind seeing them take a gamble on is Larry Webster. He's a two-way project in that he can develop as both a DE and a TE. If he's there in the 4th, I think he's worth the risk. I wouldn't do it in the 3rd, though.

5. He's exactly Ramses Barden!!! lol. This is exactly what I've been saying about this kid all year. I'd definitely rather see them use their picks elsewhere.

6. I'm really hoping that adding Thurmond to the mix will help our DBs learn how to be more physical. For a small guy, he knows how to play physically. Adding a Rhodes-type player would only further instill this.

7. I won't mind if they get a small WR later, but they need a big guy first and foremost. If they have to grab a smaller guy, he needs to have elite speed and be a home-run hitter.

8. Niklas is probably the best blocker of the top TEs. It's my biggest worry with Ebron, and the scuttlebutt seems that Reese isn't actually very high on Ebron, either. The fact that Niklas is actually useful catching the ball is big bonus. I see Niklas as a more advanced version of Larry Webster (mentioned in #4). The only top TE that I'd specifically like to avoid is Amaro. To me, he's just a very large inside receiver, without much blocking ability. The elite pass-rushers of the NFC East will chew him up and spit him out,

9. NY is probably the most ideal place for him. Not just because of the obvious. He needs more development as a pass rusher and this could be the perfect place for him to do that. I also think that he's more of a complimentary rusher than your typical DE, but this team has found success with that before (Kiwi). Add in the fact that he's a high-character guy with obviously thick skin, he could develop into a star in NY with some coaching and a strong D-Line.


@Michael Frias @jwillThanks for feedback. def. agree about lines and  TE. It almost seems like, judging from Bennett and Joseph's situations, that it can be a bad thing for a draft pick or young signee to reach his full potential.

Also agree about coming out. The fact that its a big deal says a lot of good things about the person coming out but says a lot of bad things about the society that that person is coming out to.


Numbers 4, 7 and 8 REALLY hit home with me...


@Michael Bedrin Thanks for feedback. Overall I agree. I wouldn't mind the G-men going WR in 3 if its a very high upside guys, a guy like Aberderris or Moncreif. Aberderris could probably be had in the 4th but I hear a lot of folks are high on him for his route running. I am too.

I was watching tape on Webster's pro-day the other day he didn't look that fluid to me, but everyone is high on him. I'd be very okay with the Giants taking a late pick on him and def. as a UDFA. As long as he isnt the only TE taken.

As for Coleman, if the Giants haven't learned their lesson by now with 6'6" guys playing WR, we are really in trouble. 6'5" is the cutoff for WR success in the NFL, in terms of precedence.

Agree about smaller guys if he brings exceptional speed which itself can alleviate catch radius issues. Same with extremely good route running.

Is Amaro a bad blocker? I havent read up on him. 

I also want the Giants to draft Gator Haskins. I think he'll be a terror in McAdoo's system. And like...right away, year 1.


@fast_eddie Thanks.  I hope these guys have a great draft. The Football Gods are watching to see how this team takes advantage of its Eli Manning window.