Lin Focused On Knicks, Not LeBron

NEW YORK — The last time Jeremy Lin faced the Miami Heat, he got a DNP-Coach’s Decision.

This time around, he figures to see a lot of playing time — and a healthy dose of LeBron James.

“Obviously, LeBron is a great player and a great, great defender,” Lin said after putting up 17 points and nine assists in the Knicks’ 99-82 win over the Hawks at MSG. “So just gotta continue to be aggressive and not change anything on my end.”

The Knicks (17-17) will try to get above .500 for the first time in six weeks when they face a Heat team (26-7) that has won seven straight and spent the day resting.

James has already told reporters in Miami he’s looking forward to the challenge of defending Lin, who has led the Knicks to a 9-2 mark since Linsanity began Feb. 4.

“I know I’m going to end up guarding Lin at some point,” LeBron told reporters Wednesday, according to

Knicks coach Mike D’Antoni said that showed “respect” on their part.

“That’s good,” he said. “That shows maximum respect if that happens and Jeremy will handle it and hopefully the Knicks will handle it.”

Lin said he’s received advice from Carmelo Anthony — with whom he teamed successfully in the first game both started — on how to handle a lot of things, including James.

“Melo among others have given me a ton of advice on and off the court…everything,” Lin said. “During the off days he has been giving me advice. He has taken me under his wing.”

Anthony said he’s looking forward to the challenge.

“We are going down there to win,” he said. “Miami is playing great basketball right now. It will be a fun game. It will be a great experience for the guys who are playing in this [type of game for the] first time.”

The Heat beat the Knicks on Jan. 27 in Miami, 99-89, but Lin didn’t play at all.

His rise to global superstardom began a week later, with a Feb. 4 win over the Nets at the Garden.

Asked if he had ever seen Lin play at Harvard, James said, “I never watch Harvard basketball. I never watch Harvard.’’

He did admit to watching Lin against John Wall in the 2010 Summer League.

James also seemed to take a shot at Lin for appearing on back-to-back Sports Illustrated covers.

“Make sure he doesn’t take that for granted and get those covers and frame them and put them in his house,” James said.

Lin said he’s more concerned with the Knicks’ than with LeBron.

“We want to build momentum going into the All-Star break and we want to make a push after the All-Star break,” Lin said. “And this is a good opportunity to build momentum. It’s a big game [against Miami], don’t get me wrong. We’re playing a great team and it’s going to be a good evaluation of where we’re at, so from that end obviously we’re excited.”

**For Video, Notes & Quotes on the Hawks-Knicks game, read the notebook here.

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the Giants scout reports, and not the talking heads at or Kiper or the mock drafts determine a players value......also, there's a lot of 'misdirection plays' being run in April - scouts from other teams will deadpan 'player A' who, may be highly regarded on their evaluation list......also, Mara and TC also 'sign off' on the top picks and maybe all of them - it's not just Reese - the scouts do too.....'we' are not privy to the 'medicals' on the draft prospects or even the guys who are currently on our roster or guys your commenters think we should have signed up as FA's, or should not have let go, et al.....the 'talking heads' at and ESPN are only told what the other scouts and 'insiders' want them to know......the Combine results are only a small facet of what a guy can do - his year-long talent tape on the field is where it's at......lastly, there's a lot of flack on this site for 'Reese's head' - however, Mara and TC and the scouts also 'signed off' on the picks - they did last year with OBJ, Pugh the year before, Wilson,'s not just's consensus - that's how their draft board is built.....that's why the scouts put in so much time doing what they do.....

'we' are not privy to crucial and critical information.....our opinions are based upon what we read and none of the other teams are going to divulge who they really covet - just look at how differently the first and second rounds will play out in 3 weeks...........



All NYG Draft Picks are 99% GM, (REESE).  yes TC & John Mara give their thoughts, and the scouts do their jobs, but the final say is REESE... period.   Wellington Mara set the system up Year's & year's ago, it has not changed.

Bill Parcels  '' 'If they want you to cook the dinner, at least they ought to let you shop for some of the groceries.' ''

Michael Stewart
Michael Stewart

Please, Please, Please do not draft Gregory. Highly overrated and very one-dimensional.


I'm beginning to really dislike the NY Giants - it's almost to the point that you have to take a loyalty oath to god and some political conservative icon to just read the news about them

Michael Frias
Michael Frias

@blazintommyd  Why?  Because they don't run their organization like a fantasy football team, just looking for the biggest names and making the biggest offseason splashes?

I know this is a "what have you don't for me lately" world we live in, but the end goal is to win a Championship, and the Giants have won more Championships in the last 10 seasons than any other team not named the Steelers.