No Announcement Expected from Jabari Parker Wednesday

parkerJabari Parker will not announce his future plans on Wednesday, Duke basketball associate director of sports information Matt Plizga confirmed to Tuesday night.

The Chicago Tribune reported the development earlier in the day.

Plizga said reporters in Oklahoma City “misconstrued [Parker’s] comments” Monday when he said he would meet this week with Duke coach Mike Krzyzewski and then decide whether or not to enter the NBA Draft.

Speaking last week on ESPN’s “SportsNation,” Parker said of his decision, “I’m going to make it by either Tuesday or Wednesday of next week.”

Sonny Parker, Jabari’s father, recently told his son remained undecided on his future.

“He’s undecided and we know the [NBA’s Early Entry eligibility] deadline is the 27th [of April] so if he’s going to make a decision he has to make it by that date but right now he’s undecided,” Sonny said April 1.

Parker, and all underclassmen, have until April 27 to decide whether or not to enter the Draft, which is June 26 in New York.

Parker is projected as a top-3 pick.

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