Nurideen Lindsey to Rider

Nurideen Lindsey is on the move. Again.

The former St. John’s point guard will now transfer to Rider instead of Arkansas and hopes to obtain a waiver in order to suit up for the fall of the 2012-13 season.

“He’s definitely coming,” a source close to the Rider program told

Rider cannot publicly comment on Lindsey until he enrolls on Monday.

The story was first reported by Alex Kline of The Recruit Scoop.

Lindsey had initially announced via Twitter he would head to Arkansas, but the source said he “may have gotten cold feet about going that far.”

Four of Rider’s five starters are from Philadelphia, Lindsey’s hometown, and the staff is close with the people who know Lindsey best.

Upon deciding to leave St. John’s, Lindsey visited both Arkansas and Rider, and the Rider staff thought they were going to get him at that point. Only after Lindsey announced for Arkansas did he change his mind.

Lindsey has a history of complicated family issues, including the murder of two brothers, and the source believes he may be able to obtain the waiver at Rider.

“The waiver was important to him,” the source said of the potentiality of a waiver. “That way he can play two years.”

A Philly native who scored more than 1,000 points at Overbrook High, Lindsey played nine games at St. John’s this year, averaging 11.8 points and 2.9 assists.

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