Whitehead Working on Briscoe to Seton Hall; Slew of Jersey Recruits Watch Pirates

NEWARK — Isaiah Whitehead is trying to get another Isaiah to join him at Seton Hall in 2015.

Isaiah Briscoe, that is.

“He said he’s coming. He said in the summertime he’s coming,” the 6-foot-4 Whitehead told SNY.tv with a straight face.

Asked if he was serious about what Briscoe had told him regarding his future, Whitehead said, “Yes.”

And how good could the two Isaiahs potentially be together in the Seton Hall backcourt in 2015?

“Best backcourt in the country,” said Briscoe, the Roselle (N.J.) Catholic guard who is also being recruited by Louisville, Arizona, Florida, Gonzaga, Oklahoma State, Rutgers and St. John’s, among others. “We proved that in the [Nike]  EYBL already. When [Whitehead] was there we lost two games. Unstoppable.”

Said Whitehead: “I don’t think anybody could beat us.”

Whitehead is the top recruit in Seton Hall’s 2014 class, and hopes to make the McDonald’s All-American Game when the teams are announced Jan. 19.

“He going to make it,” Briscoe said. “He deserves it, why not?”

Asked what it would mean to him if he made the game, Whitehead said, “Everything.”

He is part of a five-man class that also includes Lincoln teammate Desi Rodriguez, as well as Khadeen Carrington, Angel Delgado and Ismael Sanogo.

“They gonna be nice next year,” Briscoe said. “They just gotta add a couple big men and everything will fall into place”


Seton Hall hosted a Who’s Who of New Jersey recruits during its 83-67 loss to No. 8 Villanova.

In addition to the Seton Hall-bound duo of Whitehead and Rodriguez, the Pirates hosted Briscoe, Chris Silva, Pierre Saar, Asante Gist and Ganlandou Cisse of Roselle Catholic;  Veer Singh, Najja Hunter and Nate Pierre-Louis of St. Peter’s Prep (who was offered by the Pirates in the seventh grade); and Eli Cain and Trevon Duval of St. Benedict’s Prep.

The top coaches around New Jersey all agree that if Seton Hall can add several of these players to what they already have, they could be a potent force going forward.

“Seton Hall had enough talent at their game watching that if they all went there, they would compete for a national title down the road,” St. Ben’s coach Mark Taylor told SNY.tv.

“Seton Hall made a big splash in recruiting with their most recent class,” RC coach Dave Boff said. “If they can back that up with another class next year, now you are on your way to building a championship team.”

Said Todd Decker of St. Peter’s Prep: “Seton Hall has done a great job of recruiting and having a presence in the tri-state area. Kids notice that and respect it. They are moving things in the right direction. Any of our guys they are recruiting would be a very good ‘get’ for them.”

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alan Knoblauch
alan Knoblauch

The Sweet part about going to a "smaller" program that happens to be in a "Big Media" area is that   

you can really do something special.  Duke is always going to be Duke , They make the sweet 16 or great 8 and who really cares.  yawn. If you take ownership of a small school and take them or return them to the big stage, the whole country will take notice.    Seton Hall plays on the door  step of NY city, in big media territory, so when they get it going, they will make big waves.  Its going to be a fun ride.

Everyone loves an underdog. How much did the country rally around Butler, VCU and even Gonzaga when they broke into the national scene? 

Same thing when St. Johns gets it going.   This area goes nuts for it.  

Whiteheads gonna make it happen again at the Hall.  Going to a smaller school takes courage and confidence and some risk. But the rewards are even bigger. Duke goes to the final four its no big deal.  But if the Hall makes it you really did something special. 

Rick Myles
Rick Myles

Whitehead will be gone to the NBA (one and done) before Briscoe even gets there. He's a fool if falls for it. Briscoe has the opportunity to go to real basketball powers like Cuse or Arizona or Ohio State. Why go to Seton Hall and try to contend for a trip to the NIT...maybe. 

Frank Conticello
Frank Conticello

You sound like a bitter fan who now has competition in the area. Local kids are seeing the "new Big East" with basketball only schools as a great option. Now because of what Cuse calls a football team their basketball team gets to travel down to the southeast for all their conference away games. BTW If he commits Whitehead is staying a second year to play with Briscoe.

Rick Myles
Rick Myles

@Frank Conticello Sure IW will turn down $6 million to stay another year for the thrill of playing at Seton Hall. Right. Keep dreaming Frank.

Javier Pinto
Javier Pinto

Let's  go Pirates, another top class would be amazing!!


@AdamZagoria not a stab at the kids character or intelligence at all. Meant he is being a bit facetious saying no team could beat them.