Quinn Cook to Announce This Week

Oak Hill point guard Quinn Cook will announce this week for either Duke or UCLA, according to Oak Hill head coach Steve Smith.

“He is close to making a commitment and I think he will probably do something middle or the end of the week,” Smith said Monday afternoon by phone.

He added: “I think he’s got his mind made up and he’s just not saying.”

The NCAA early signing period runs Nov. 10-17.

Smith said it would come down to Duke or UCLA and that North Carolina and Villanova were not real options.

“They [Carolina] were supposed to come tomorrow [Tuesday] and he’s made  his mind up. He’s trying to keep it quiet,” Smith said. “I’m going to try to stop them from coming.

Smith added that Cook would not visit Carolina this coming weekend and that it was either Duke or UCLA, both of which have appeal.

“He feels he can go to UCLA right away and they basically told him, ‘We’re handing you the starting position,'” Smith said.

Yet Cook is a Maryland native and Duke is much closer to home.

“He’s from D.C.,” Smith said. “It’s a lot closer to his home. He’s really close to [Duke guard] Nolan Smith. They [Duke] have a lot going for them as well.”

Smith said there was still uncertainty about the future of Duke freshman point guard Kyrie Irving because of the potential NBA lockout next summer.

“At Duke he could start and Kyrie Irving could be gone or Kyrie Irving could still be there,” Smith said. “There could be a lockout. There are some variables there  [at Duke] that aren’t at UCLA.”

Either way, Smith says it will come down to Duke or UCLA.

“I know it’s UCLA or Duke,” Smith said. “I don’t know which one.”

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