Florida Gets Crack at Anderson

While sources close to the Kyle Anderson camp continue to say that St. John’s and UCLA are the favorites, one source said Florida had a “puncher’s chance” to land the 6-foot-8 St. Anthony point guard.

Florida coach Billy Donovan and assistant Norm Roberts will now get their shot to persuade Anderson, who scored 35 and 31 points, respectively, in two wins for the Playaz Basketball Club Sunday at IS8. They have a home visit with him Monday night and then host the St. Anthony star this coming weekend for an official visit that will include Saturday’s nationally televised SEC football game with Tennessee.

Florida will point to Donovan’s history of preparing players like 6-10 Chandler Parsons for the NBA and the coach’s success winning back-to-back NCAA titles in 2006-7.

The SEC Player of the Year, Parsons averaged 11.8 points per game in the regular season, while finishing third in the SEC in rebounding (7.8 rpg) and seventh in assists (3.6 apg). He was chosen in the second round by the Houston Rockets and then signed with French team Cholet.

Florida can also offer the opportunity to play alongside other talented players like Brad Beal, Mike Rosario and Patric Young.

Georgetown has a home visit with Anderson Tuesday.

“[Anderson] is a very, very special player,” one coach said. “You cannot make a mistake on where he goes.”

Anderson skipped a chance to announce his choice on ESPN, and will inform reporters of his decision Sept. 19.

(Photo courtesy NY Post)


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It's less about a disappointing season+ and more about his attitude. He screwed his team and I sure wouldn't want him back.


I'm very curious to find out what kind of COMPENSATION we get in terms of the draft if we let Nicks walk.  

....TBH, I'm not a big fan of bringing Nicks back unless its on a VERY team friendly deal.  

He's a QUITTER and he's injury prone!!!

Mr. F - any idea on COMPENSATION via the DRAFT ???? -----


When did Jernigan become a "proven wide receiver" ????



The Pat's, 9er's, 'Hawks, Ravens & Denver,

will ALL give NICK's a Look........

But, there Ain't much TAPE.....

and if the OFFER's aren't up to Par....

Nick's could Take a 1 Year Show & Go,

with the GIANTs,

Giving Him 1 Year, 

to Step-Up with ELI......

Nick's needs to put together a GOOD Season,

to BOOST his VALUE, 

Could Work Out for Both Parties.....


GM's will want to take advantage of the DOWN Season,

and Lock him in,

for a FEW years,

at a Discounted Price....


the Last Few WR that Left ELI...... DISAPPEARED -------

Michael Stewart
Michael Stewart

Nicks had such a disappointed season that it wouldn't surprise me if only a couple of teams have serious interest in him. If that's the case, it also wouldn't surprise me if Nicks might have to take a 1 year deal for a lot less money to prove that last season was a mirage and not a true indication of Nicks ability.

John Fennelly
John Fennelly

@JamesWS  It won't be until next March an it's a combination of additions and losses from this upcoming free agent period. If the Giants sign some top-tier UFAs that will wipe out any compensation they 'd get from losing Nicks.

Michael Stewart
Michael Stewart

@JamesWS at this point, I would guess that if a team does sign Nicks; the compensation for the Giants would be somewhere between a 3rd rounder to a 5th round draft pick


@JamesWS  ...  Apparently, a 2 or 3 solid games, or one really outstanding game nowadays would be enough to get people to say you are "proven". It worked for Matt Flynn when he jumped from Green Bay to sign a big deal with Seatlle years ago. Let's face it, the media are great at hyperbole, so people like Jernigan will become better on paper than they really have shown. If Jernigan was really so "this talented" all along, then one of a few things happened here... either it took him a few seasons for the Giants system to "click" with him, or the coaches utilizing him really had no earthly idea how to best utilize his talents. I'm betting it was a combination of both. That's why Mara made specific mention of Jernigan at the end of the season when he said he believed the offense was broken. "Broken" meant the inclusion of coaches who couldn't recognize what they had until it was too late for 2013.

Michael Stewart
Michael Stewart

@Skookaloop To be honest, I really don't believe the Giants will entertain the notion of re-signing him. Nicks will need to sign a 1 year deal with another team to regain his value for the next contract. Unfortunately, this hurts the Giants with the compensation.


I think he takes a 1 year deal with another squad, preferably in warm weather


@spider43 @JamesWS  which is exactly why the idea of picking a receiver at #12 shouldn't be discounted. so many things can happen between now and the draft but if there is another qb frenzy, it is plausible to find sammy watkins drop to us. if not, mike evans or ebron would be outstanding. 


@Brian Webster @Skookaloop  

Nicks Disappeared ON Eli....

......there is a BIG Difference.....

1st REESE made the LB'ers Disappear....

2nd REESE made the CB's Disappear....

3rd REESE made the PASS-RUSH Disappear.....

4th REESE made the O-Line Disappear...

5th REESE made the RB's Disappear....

6th REESE made the TE's Disappear......

.....................Now the WR's........

when will REESE DISAPPEAR ?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?


@billysuede...  Totally 110% agree with you. I doubt it will be Watkins that drops, but not an impossibility. The reason I doubt he slides to #12 is because of the penchant for the Raiders (#5) to pick speedsters since the days of Al Davis, not to mention that the Bucs at #7 want to improve their last place rated offense, and the Bills at #9 want to give a receiving partner to Stevie Johnson, and the Lions at #10 want the same thing for Calvin Johnson.  I have serious reservations Watkins would make it past all four of those teams. Even the Titans at #11 could be tempted with a new stud receiver, because they have really soured on Kenny Britt, and who could blame them?

But I'm definitely of the opinion the Giants should be open minded about drafting one of Watkins, Evans, or Ebron if available. I KNOW we desperately need OL help, but I think a decent lineman could still be had in the 2nd round, especially at the Guard position. I think it would be better if we signed an experienced Tackle to protect Eli, and then shifted Pugh inside to Guard. Whether Beatty is shifted to RT makes no difference, he'll be starting AND he needs to improve, no matter which Tackle position he plays. Moving Pugh to Guard deepens and upgrades our OL at the same time if we sign a decent FA lineman (preferably Tackle). As positive as the current reports seem to be on Snee, Reese shouldn't really be counting on him to regain his Pro Bowl standing.