Kidd Says Melo Can Be the Next Dirk

Adam Zagoria

GREENBURGH, N.Y. — Jason Kidd helped Dirk Nowitzki win an NBA championship in Dallas, and now he wants to help Carmelo Anthony win one in New York.

“That’s the plan,” Kidd said Tuesday after the team’s first day of practice. “I hope so.”

Kidd and Nowitzki won an NBA championship with the Mavericks in 2011, yet Melo and the Knicks are seeking the franchise’s first title since 1973.

Still, Kidd sees similarities between Anthony and Nowitzki.

“Oh, yes, very similar, very talented,” Kidd said. “Demand a lot of attention, so hopefully what I’ve helped with Dirk and Dirk is now one of the top players in this league, hopefully I can do the same with Melo.”

For his part, Anthony, who has said he’s willing to “sacrifice” his offense for the better of the team, respects and listens to what Kidd has to say.

“I mean, for me, I want to stay in Jason’s ear,” Anthony said. “Him and Raymond [Felton], just trying to make the game easier for myself out there on the basketball court.

“We talk every day, just little points, what he sees and what I see and just trying to get on the same page.”

Kidd is one of two Knicks with an NBA ring, including Tyson Chandler, who was on that 2011 Mavericks team.

“I think everybody already knows what he brings to the team,” Anthony said of Kidd. “His game, how smart he is out there on the basketball court. His knowledge of the game and he can help everybody and he’s been doing that.”

Photo: Newsday

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What I hate about this is it really has nothing to do with what he said, it had to do with what the media claimed he said. If everyone wasn't forced to get their information through the filter of "lets make the Jets (and Holmes specifically) look bad, everyone would know that it was a very true statement about how great their run defense is and how you need to have a good passing game to beat them. He was very clear that 'weaker than their #1 run defense' wasn't an insult, but the media decided to truncate the quote so that it sounded like an insult, to the point where Gumble had to point out his own hypocrisy halfway through the game, not that it stopped him. I don't expect players in Carolina to know to actively disregard every member of the NY media, but I am constantly disappointed by the complete lack of journalistic ethics when it comes to this team. 


Wow. The Panthers managed to shut down Santonio Holmes! His 395 yds this season have been striking fear into secondaries across the NFL. Those Panther DBs are really awesome.