Kobe on Melo: ‘Everybody wants to play in Los Angeles”

NEW YORK –– Less than 48 hours after Carmelo Anthony went off for a Madison Square Garden-record 62 points, the man whose record he broke arrived in town and indicated he wouldn’t mind playing with Anthony after the Knicks star hits free agency this summer.

“Well, I mean everybody wants to play in Los Angeles,” Kobe Bryant, whose 61-point Garden outing was eclipsed by Anthony’s performance against the Charlotte Bobcats, said Sunday before the Lakers played the Knicks. “New York’s a beautiful place, don’t get me wrong but it’s colder than shit out here.”

“It’s palm trees and beaches, obviously are a little more appealing.”

Bryant, who is friendly with Anthony and teamed with him on the 2012 Olympic team that won the gold in London in 2012, said he’d be happy to offer “advice” when the time comes.

“If he wants to come for advice later as a friend I’ll be more than happy to give it to him,” said Bryant, who remains out with a fractured left knee and gave no update on his timetable for a return.

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@AdamZagoria Saw some other quotes from Melo the other day. He's prepping for LA already!