Takin' the Family to Jackson Browne

While I was in the press room at the Final Four in Detroit back in April my wife Jen called to say she and my daughter Gracie had gone out and bought tickets to see Jackson Browne at the Prospect Park Bandshell in July.

They knew I was a big Jackson Browne fan and my 4-year-old daughter was fired up.

So come the night of the Big Event and Gracie passes out in her stroller on the way to the show, but our 15-month-old, James Jefferson Airplane Zagoria, was the star of the show.

He was walking up and down the aisle about 15 rows off the stage rockin’ out, making friends left and right.

We got there just in time for the 7:30 tip, and Jackson looked about the same as always. He shaved that grey beard he’s sporting on the cover of his new album, “Time The Conqueror.”

Place was packed, I’m guessin 5-6,000. The rain stopped and the mood was great. Jackson called Brooklyn the Santa Monica of the East.

Highlights included “Jamaica Say You Will,” “Doctor My Eyes,” “Runnin’ on Empty,” “The Pretender,” “Take It Easy” and “Stay.”

A great family night with the wife and both kids, even if GRacie slept through it all…

Grace and James have now seen Springsteen and Jackson Browne this summer…not bad for a couple of munchkins.


I’m Alive
The Barricades of Heaven
I’ll Do Anything
Fountain of Sorrow
Time the Conqueror
Off of Wonderland
In The Shape Of A Heart
Too Many Angels
The Naked Ride Home
Take It Easy

Jamaica Say You Will
Doctor My Eyes–About My Imagination
Lives in the Balance
Going Down to Cuba
Just Say Yeah
The Late Show
For a Dancer
Running on Empty
I am A Patriot–It’s Your Thing–I Am A Patriot
Load Out–Stay

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