Big East Hacker Asks Calhoun About Guns

A year ago, the Big East men’s basketball conference calls were plagued by hackers who called up and asked the coaches a slew of inappropriate sex-related questions.

Now it appears guns are the hot topic.

During the first Big East call of the season on Thursday, a caller who identified himself as Mike Marot of The Associated Press (who is a real person), asked UConn coach Jim Calhoun this gem.

“I just want to thank you for you and your players listening to the Kidd Chris Show out of Portland, Ore., KUFO. Appreciate that.

“Talk about the Kidd Chris Show. Do you guys have guns in the locker room anymore? I don’t know what that problem is. Was that any of your problems, or was that just Kidd Chris Show.”

“I’m sorry,” a baffled Calhoun responded.

“Uh, you heard me, coach. Just go ahead and answer it,” the caller said. “Coach, it’s the Kidd Chris Show out of Portland, Ore.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” Calhoun said.

At that point, the moderator chimed in with, “We’ll go to Adam Zagoria,…”

“I’m not sure how I can follow that up, coach,” I said, and proceeded to ask an Ater Majok question.

Let’s hope the Big East can put a stop to these crank callers and get them in line for next week’s call.

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