Tobias Harris Talks Recruiting

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Torrel Harris better warm up the coffee and get some cookies ready. He and his family plan to host 11 in-home visits for Tobias Harris beginning Sept. 9.

“We are finalizing some home visits and we’ll really have strong interviews with these coaches to see how his style of play fits into their game style of play,” Torrel said Thursday in Manhattan at a practice for Friday’s Boost Mobile Elite 24 event.

“We’re trying to watch those situations where coaches will allow him to show his versatility.”

Here’s the schedule, which was emailed to me and then confirmed by Torrel.

Kentucky – September 9
Time: 7:00pm

Georgia Tech – September 10
Time: 7:00pm

Notre Dame – September 11
Time: 7:00pm

Syracuse – September 12
Time: 12:00pm

UCONN – September 12
Time: 3:00pm

Louisville – September 12
Time: 6:00pm

St. John’s – September 13
Time: 3:00pm

Tennessee – September 13
Time; 6:00pm

Oklahoma – September 14
Time: 7:00pm

West Virginia – September 15
Time: 7:00pm

Maryland – September 16
Time: 7:00pm

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